What We are doing Wrong

20 Oct

Vote for the Future

With the mid-terms in two weeks, my e-mail overflows with pleas to Vote and support for one party or another which is all fine and good after all I am on their mailing list.The big national Party’s pour millions into media both on TV, Radio and social media outlets.Here is the problem if you live in a big city say, New York, Dallas and Boston your party works year round pushing for what they want. In small towns and remote areas like I live it, we don’t hear or see any of the local groups till mid-terms or the general election then we get a flood. Why well most offices for the party’s close down they are run by volunteers maybe one paid a staff member to keep the local office open. There is the problem! No one updates the website for local or national party news; the Facebook page has few if any updates and the Twitter accounts stop posting.

What needs to be done is very simple

1.Keep the web page up to date, even if it’s just state news Bing and Google”s web search spiders won’t look for your website and index it if you don’t update.No indexing, no hits.

2. Facebook can mean major rollovers for your party keep it updated, throw in a little humor with all the politics’ it will bring back people.

3. Do not let your Twitter account Die, Once more just because you are local does not mean you have to stay local year round. One more thing about Twitter when you first start out Follow back the people who follow you, say thank you to those that follow you. Keep yours follows up to date if people are not following you back unfollow them there are a few free programs out there to help with this I use Friend or Follow .com. If you want your party to win folks, you got to be social

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