Immigration Action

06 Sep

Obama wussy suit

President Barack Obama will wait until after the November midterm elections to announce any action on immigration reform.What is going on is he is playing it safe, Obama is having his cake and eating it as well.If Obama did anything before the midterm elections, it could hurt the already weak Democrat reelection movement and cost him and his party the Senate and the House, and he knows it.If the midterms fail and the Democrat lose both the house and the senate them, he can blame no immigration reform on the Republicans. Saying they are the ones blocking it, as you see having his cake and eating it too.A smart move on his part.Will some immigration reform happen If the  Republicans take both houses I’m sure there will be? Will it be the blanket amnesty that Obama and the Democrat’s would like to see I don’t think so?If the Democrat’s win is there blanket amnesty once more, I don’t think so. They will try to get it passed but in the end they will not do blanket amnesty that’s a fools game, and they know it.

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