Another behead American,Steven Sotloff

03 Sep


Steven Soloff the second American journalists to beheaded by ISIS. And what did Obama do this time not much .. well as far as I know he did not play a round of golf like he did the last time this happened! But what did Mr.Obama do! Not a hell of a lot he made a few statements got his mug on TV that’s about it. Today (Wednesday the 9th of September)on the day before NATO summit meeting in Wales he comes out with this “. “Our objective is clear, and that is: degrade and destroy ISIS so that it’s no longer a threat, not just to Iraq but also to the region and the United States,”  For real! That’s the best he can come up with. Mr Obama what you should have said is we are at war with ISIS. We will hunt down and kill any and all members of  ISIS and any country or state that we find supporting them we will bomb back to the stone age. Any and all  ISIS members we capture we will execute no matter what nationality you are.But he won’t!  NATO Like most here in the USA can’t wait for him to leave the oval office.

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