‘We don’t have a strategy yet’ for Islamic State

28 Aug

Obama wussy suit

For real! He said ‘We don’t have a strategy yet’ for Islāmic State.”Why don’t you come out say this Mr.Obama ” run wild kill all the people you want to, rape all the young girls you can find. I’m not going to send troops in to stop you or slow you down.” Once in my lifetime I am truly a shame of the person we have in the oval office. What a wussy we have leading this country the only thing he wants to do in this last two and half years is set on his ass and do nothing or play golf. To tell you the truth I would rather have Joe Biden in the oval office than the clown we have in there now.

To top it all, he makes this statement as leader of the USA in a wussy suit for the office he holds.  According to all the experts interviewed, it’s hard for a male executive to be taken seriously in a Beige suit.Any time on the job, when you don’t want to stand out Beige, is the best. Obama’s words and his dress said one thing to Islamist militants in Syria  I don’t give a flying F@@@ do what you want I won’t stop you.

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