innocent until proven guilty,seems not to be in Ferguson MO.

20 Aug

Innocent until proven guilty seems not to be in Ferguson MO.are for that matter maybe the entire state of Missouri.The Democrat Governor Jay Nixon with the backing of Attorney General Eric Holder  Ha already judged the police officer guilty of the shooting of a black man in Ferguson MO before a Grand Jury has been called.Governor Elect Jay Nixon highlights new jobs programs for Missouri

Democrat Governor Jay Nixon released a five-minute video on Tuesday. Where he said: ‘A vigorous prosecution must now be pursued.’Now to me this sound more like some 3th world country than the US of A. Is this what the country is coming to where a Democrat Governor and Democrat Attorney General, judge and find a man guilty even before trial. Is this what we can expect for the next 2 1/2 or more if a Democrat wins the oval office this coming election.Even his own Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder told Fox News “It’s heartbreaking to see a man elected to an office that high in our state government … Come out with a statement like that, that does prejudge the case. ‘It would be wrong for a prosecutor to say what the governor has said here tonight, and it’s wrong for the governor of Missouri to have said it.’ Maybe  Democrat Governor Jay Nixon needs to read  5th, 6th, and 14th Amendments it created the presumption of innocence, Democrat Attorney General  Eric Holder might want to take a peek as well.

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One response to “innocent until proven guilty,seems not to be in Ferguson MO.

  1. Kevin Frith

    August 20, 2014 at 10:21 am

    so glad the truth is coming out and the cop will be cleared of everything. all these liberals can rot in hell cause they are puppets on a string. but you know that was recast to say lol


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