Texas Gov. Rick Perry Being what Obama Should be

13 Aug

Rick Perry

Texas Gov.Rick Perry being what Obama should be on the world stage.Gov.Rick Perry is a man of his word when Obama would not send troops to the southern border Mr Perry did he send the Texas national guard and the Texas Rangers to help slow the influx of illegals crossing the border, Unlike Obama when Texas Gov.Rick Perry  draws a line in the sand he stand at that line and will not back up ! Mr.Perry understand that the only way to handle a bully is to stand your ground and if need be to knock said bully on his butt be it a person ( Putin ) a country (Iran, Iraq) or a group ( muslin brotherhood or whatever they happen to be calling themselves).

People are comparing him to President Reagan, I say good during President Reagan term in office the Middle east and Russia feared him as well as the wild cowboy President Bush.Yes I think Rick Perry could bring back that kind of leadership and as of right I think he is in the forefront for the seat in the oval office lets see who else if anyone can do better tell them Mr Perry seems to be the one to beat.



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Posted by on August 13, 2014 in politics


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