The Cost of Political Activism

08 May

Political activism seem to be costing one company a ton of money AOL”s stock took a 22% drop in its Quarterly profits, That a whopping 64 percent to its net income, which comes in cash to be $9.3 million.


It seems that Political activism (Huffington Post) is not as profit-making as AOL had hoped.I for one and many others as well seen AOLs stock take a small upturn when they first bought out the Huffington Post. a few years ago believing the Left-leaning political talking heads knew what they were talking about that the country as a whole was going Left. Surprise! the good old US of A is more of a middle ground then a Left or a Right. Let’s face it! AOL and Huffington Post went to the bleeding edge of the far Left. Covering any and all things Left and doing their level best to destroy anyone or thing that tried to disagree with them. Do I feel sorry for AOL not one little bit and I hope their stockholders keep selling off.

If however AOL wants to save its self the first thing they need to do is divest themselves from the Huffington post and go back to what they knew more about the business of Entertaining they might be able to save themselves.




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