Benghazi and the Gay factor

05 May

I was watching Bill O’Reilly the other day and he was saying how the left wants to sweep Benghazi under the rug and how the left keeps trying to defend the White House. It came to me there is another group who are unusually quiet, that would be the Gay group’s. Now that we know that they let the folks in Benghazi die and then tried to cover it up. Why have we not heard any outrage from them not a peep, not one gay group spokesperson has come out to talk about this matter why? after all one of their own was brutally killed. Ambassador Stevens was openly gay he didn’t try to hide the fact. Which brings up another question why place a gay man in Libya? a place that stones to death men for being gay.

 Ambassador Stevens

I ask this of the gay groups Is it ok for the Left to let a gay man die and then his body to be put on a show as if he were a mad dog. I may not have agreed on his lifestyle, but I would not wish the death Ambassador Stevens had on anyone one. So once more is there no gay group to ask why?





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Posted by on May 5, 2014 in politics


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