If your going to run with the sharks

21 Jan


If your going to run with sharks Ms. Wendy Davis you need to get the facts about your life correct in this day and age of social media someone will uncover and post them on the web, is it fair probably not but life is not fair . It seems that Ms. Davis may have stretched the truth about a few things

Did she live in a trailer? yes, she did but for how long according to reports for a few months is this a lie no it is not, but the way she states it you would believe it was much longer.

Was Ms. Davis divorced at 19 as she claims it seems not she was 21 to forget 2 years that comes in as a lie for me.

Some folks are saying that Ms. Davis only married her second husband for money ( a sugar baby if you will) I can find no proof of this at all, It is a little ironic that her husband made the final payment on their Harvard Law School loan the next day Ms.Davis left.

Does this at all make Ms.Davis look bad some would say yes? I think the country is looking for people to be honest with them we all have things in our past better left there, but if you’re going to run in politics it’s going to get nasty and very fast and it’s better to own up to your past than to try to remake it

Would I vote for Ms. Davis no I would not I am pro-life she is very much not so

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