Did he know are not

11 Jan

Did he (Chris Christie) know or not about the closing of the George Washington bridge? I don’t know and on top of that I don’t care

.What I do care about is the way Christie handled it unlike Obama He did not try to blame Bush for the mess Christie fired two very close aides and invited the press to come ask questions and it was Christie giving the answers, not some go-between like Obama uses all the time .For the press part, the question were not softball questions they ask him.If we could get the press to treat Obama the same way we would be better off.Christie took the blame for what happen and he and acknowledged his own mistakes in not taking the issue seriously when it first came up. I know a lot of my fellow conservatives think Chris Christie is an RINO and he very well may be! but if I had a choose between him or Hilary in the White House! Chris Christie will get my vote

Chris Christie


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