Its the little things that matter

11 Dec

It’s the little things that matter in the world of politics.Anyone recall what started the war in Kuwait? The story is that at a diplomatic party the Iraq ambassador was talking to a US  ambassador and ask a simple question, How Important is Kuwait to the US? The answer the Iraq ambassador  got must have made him feel that  Kuwait was not important to the US. So the next thing we know Iraq rolls in and takes down Kuwait which  brings us Operation Desert Storm:

So when the talking heads at CNN say it was just a handshake that Obama gave Cuban President Raul Castro  think again! It was a sign of approval and the whole world saw it

Obama Shakes Cuba's Raul Castro's Hand

the last time any US President  shook hands with a Cuban President was in 2000 and  it was  President Bill Clinton no surprise there On that occasion, the White House initially denied the handshake had taken place but later backtracked, saying it had been instigated by Mr Castro, who had approached Mr Clinton. Unlike the latest occasion, however, the exchange was not photographed.

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