Not a Fan of Alec Baldwin But!!!

26 Nov

Alec Baldwin

I’m not a fan of Alec Baldwin!! Reports are that MSNBC has fired him! Which to me in one way is all good and fine I did not care for the man’s politics in the first place.Then I got to thinking what did he do to lose his job… Well, it seems that he lost his temper and call a photographer some nasty names something to do with them being gay.So to sum it up the left leaning MSNBC fired a left-leaning actor over insulting 3% of the population of the US But keeps a guy “Martin Bashir ” who thinks its ok to defecate and urinate in a woman’s mouth .Mr.Bashir only said this about one woman true but like many I think if he will  say this about one woman one wonders what the man may think or do to other women and if one looks at it this way then Mr. Bashir has insulted about 60% of the population of the US and yet MSNBC has said nothing at all.So who’s sin is greater I would say both> I hope that Mr. Baldwin lawyer is looking into this. Like I said not a fan of Alec Baldwin but of the two I dislike MSNBC a lot more than I do him

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