The Big “O” is a joke

05 Aug

Oprah Winfrey

The big “O” is a joke when it come to race, comparing Emmitt Till to Trayvon Martin. first and foremost Mr.Till by all accounts was an innocence boy of 14  in 1955 on the other hand  Trayvon Martin had a police rap sheet was a known drug user and had a history of violence and by most accounts a hater of anything gay and we have that little thing called court where Mr.Zimmerman was found not guilty. .So to compare Trayvon Martin to Emmitt Till  is both a shame on his name as well as a civil rights movement  in Mississippi. Maybe the “O” should keep her “O” closed

Why did Oprah do this I think she did it for the same reason that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson do things it for one thing to make money! not to help blacks but to help themselves.

Oprah just happened to bring this up as she was pushing the new movie she will be in called “the butler.” anything to make a dollar way to go there “O”.

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