What to do with Detroit

27 Jul

What to do with Detroit? A city that once had over a million people now down to about 70 thousand with over half of the city’s building empty both business and private most in disrepair , what can a place like this be used for!


detroit-bankrupt 2 th (6)


There is only one thing that make any sense to me! make it into an urban warfare training center for the military and police forces around the country. Now I can hear some people yelling the whole city is not like this and I agree , what would happen in my mind is save the good parts that are left that’s about a 1/4 of the present city the rest will be wall off and used for training its a win-win for all the city is taken down to its true size, city services could then handle what’s left , money would start flowing in as military and police departments coming into town to train.

I know not many will agree with me if any but hey what going to do with it then.

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