Why Gun Control in Colorado

04 Jul

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First Off let me state this “Part of This is pure Speculation on my part “now that we have that out-of-the-way.

I was watching the news networks the other day and ran across this little news tidbit to recall Colorado Democrat and Senate President John Morse for his support for gun control in the state of Colorado.Listening to both sides it hit me why do you need gun control in a state like Colorado,yes they have had a couple of high-profile shooting (Aurora and Columbine) but overall In 2011, there were 1.51 firearm murders per 100,000 people, placing Colorado in the top 8 states with the lowest rates of firearm murder, according to a recent FBI report on firearm violence in the 50 states. Colorado also ranks 28th out of 50 in a number of robberies involving a firearm. When it come to assault with firearms, Colorado ranks at about the national average, with 45.72 firearm-related assaults per 100,000, compared to a national average of 43.77.

Colorado has one of the most conservative implementations of gun regulations in the country and, despite calls for more stringent gun control laws, it also has low rates of murder with a firearm and low to average rates of other firearm-related crime . with all this said Colorado has more than a few private paramilitary groups and there is nothing wrong with that even The American Civil Liberties Union said that it had little fondness for paramilitary groups but that such groups had a constitutional right to free assembly. ‘ this is the pure Speculation on my part ‘ Is the current Democrat Admiration afraid of these groups is this why they keep pushing Democrats like John Morse and Mike Feeley to push for gun control and regulating paramilitary organizations in Colorado , Is the Democrat Admiration afraid if our nation collapses and the Admiration calls for Martial law that groups like this might stand up to Admiration and say no way.Is the current Admiration afraid that the people might back the paramilitary organizations over the current Admiration I don’t know Like I stated this is pure Speculation on my part, But what if?

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