The Taxman coming for you !

07 Jan

The taxman is coming for you that is if Democrat’s get their way.The Democrat’s want $1 trillion in new tax’s Now one wonders just where they plan pull the money out of? Well the Democrat’s want to hit the top 1% again and corporations and Big oil company’s that’s what (D) Nancy Pelosi hinted  at on Sunday Now folks some of you may be cheering this on but just remember this the 1%, corporations and Big oil company’s didn’t get rich by laying down and giving up ! What will happen .. well lets face it is already happening  they will pull their money out of the country and /or raise prices on the products they sell to us , No one can tell me they are paying less for things now than say last year. Ms. Pelosi also bragged about how they the Democrat’s had already taken $716 billion in Medicare provider cuts. One wonders why more and more Doctors won’t take Medicare this may be part of it.


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Posted by on January 7, 2013 in politics


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