Food stamps and Jobs

11 Dec

Food stamps and Jobs the numbers just don’t seem to add up. Right now the unemployment rate is at 7.7 which is the best it’s been for the last two years.But here is the kicker over 1 million people have joined the food stamp roll in the last two months


So what is going on here? Well first of all the unemployment numbers that are reported are not true and here is why,Once a person runs out of benefits they are dropped out of the count thus not showing the true number of unemployment .The second would be it is the Holiday season and a lot of the big chain stores are hiring part-time workers and in all states people have to be at a certain income level to get Food stamps and most part-time jobs pay falls well below this rate .So if we want to judge how our nation is doing one need not look at the unemployment numbers  but at the number of people on state welfare to get a true picture

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