4 million dollar vacation

29 Nov

4 million dollar vacation to Hawaii is what is being rumored for Obama and his family not only that but the vacation is supposed to happen during the last two weeks of the fiscal cliff talks.Obama know something the rest of us don’t? all the newscast I’ve watched on the mainstream media are saying that the Two sides (Democrats and Republicans ) are nowhere close to making a deal.

Another Question I have Is why Obama and family can’t stay on the mainland and not cost taxpayer’s 4 million dollars, Whats wrong with Camp David I hear it very nice during Christmas time after all it was good enough for former President Bush. President Bush and his family spent Christmas at Camp David 12 times, all together President Bush stayed at camp David 487 days

President John Kennedy and his family visited the camp often, enjoying the horseback riding and other recreational opportunities. Kennedy also allowed White House staff and cabinet members to use Camp David when he was not there.

President Richard Nixon used Camp David as much as his five predecessors combined. Nixon had several new buildings built-in compatible architectural styles, but complete with modern conveniences. He held cabinet meetings, staff conferences, hosted foreign dignitaries, and family get together at Camp David.

SO why is it not good enough for the Obama’s

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