Jesse Jackson.Jr to cost Taxpayers Millions

23 Nov

Jesse Jackson.Jr(D) to cost Taxpayers of Illinois 5.1 million dollars.How might you ask? That’s what the Illinois state election broad is saying a special election will cost to replace Jackson.Jr after he handed his resignation to House Speaker John Boehner(R).

Jesse Jackson.Jr(D) could have saved the good folks of Illinois 5.1 million dollars by doing the right thing and that pulls himself out of the last election and let someone else take the seat,But no he choose to stay .Even tho Mr.Jackson has been absent from the Capitol for months while undergoing treatment for bipolar disorder at the Mayo Clinic and investigated by federal authorities for his use of campaign funds.It has also been reported and rumored that Mr.Jackson has been linked with the political corruption scandal that brought down former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich and Mr Jackson resignation may be part of the plea deal.If this is the case Mr Jackson and his staff knew weeks or more before the election why didn’t Mr.Jackson drop out and save the good people of Illinois 5.1 million dollars in these hard time in the nation. Was it a matter of embarrassment or pride before the fall.


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