Kaiser Permanente Blames ObamaCare for Lay-offs

18 Nov

Kaiser Permanente has laid off 530 employees and puts the blame on ObamaCare. Kaiser officials said they have undertaken a series of layoffs to ensure they meet possible changes that could occur with the implementation of President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, which aims to make sure every American has health care coverage.Now one would think with everyone getting health care coverage medical centers and hospitals would be hiring more staff not laying them off.

With Kaiser Permanente laying off staff, will this mean longer waiting times for care and overall less care for family’s, longer waits for a test, x-rays and surgery’s you bet it will.Is this a trend we will see in other medical centers following suit I believe so

Kaiser Permanente

United Steel Workers Local 7600 President Roy Wiles “I’ve done this a long time. I don’t think it’s ever easy,””It’s very difficult for all the employees.”except for him (Roy Wiles)like he said he’s been doing this for a long time sitting at his desk calling the rank and files and saying sorry you don’t have a job anymore but thinking lucky me I get to keep mine! So you all have some good holidays looking for work.



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