When has any tax hikes been temporary

07 Nov

When has any tax hikes been temporary? One thing we all know for certain is politician love to spend other people’s money, What was once temporary soon become permanent.Here in California the voters just passed   Proposition 30  temporary tax on wealthy earners. I hope people like brad Pitt and other Hollywood types are happy now! This is just another example of why California the once golden state is becoming the trashed state and business’s are pulling up and moving to other states (like Texas).

Ca state flag

This should be no surprise to anyone Governor Jerry Brown seems to be making California the testing grounds for Obama.’s tax plans for the rest of the U.S.A.

Proposition 32  also passed which would have limited unions’ (and corporations’) ability to deduct workers’ pay to fund political contributions. So here in California the Unions can keep their hand in the rank and files pocket to take money out when they need it.and fund the  politicians that will kiss the unions butt.



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