Why the public can”t trust CBS

05 Nov

Why the public can”t trust CBS two days before the presidential election CBS post the rest of Obama’s interview with 60 Minutes that happened on Sept 12 of this year where it shows Obama would not say if the Benghazi was terrorism or not! Why did CBS hold this part back ? was it not to shed a bad light on the president and his campaign I’m betting that’s exactly what it was, would they have done the same for a republican president you can bet not.

When I was growing up my Dad always told me, son, that’s one news program you can count on is 60 Minutes to tell you the way it is.All I can say is I’m my Dad is not around to see this once trustworthy new program turns to this kind of low ball crap! CBS wonders why their news programs rating is so low this is a perfect example once you lose the people’s faith it a short drop to the bottom.

Maybe CBS might want to change its motto to “We don’t give a damn what’s true ” 60 min

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Posted by on November 5, 2012 in politics


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