Back off on New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie

04 Nov

Back off on New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, .yes he welcomed Obama to New Jersey, Gov. Chris Christie was all smiles at the airport, but Gov. Chris Christi was doing the right thing! His state had just been hit hard by the first hurricane( hurricane sandy ) to hit the upper east coast in a 100 yrs, Gov. Chris Christie was not meeting with Obama for himself he was meeting Obama to get help for the people of  New Jersey not score political points,Did Gov. Chris Christie betray the party I don’t think so,I think people like Palin needs to keep their mouths shut and not worry about how can I get into the spotlight and let  Christie do what he needs to help the people of his state,

If the electricians’ union would follow Gov. Chris Christie example and worry more about the people and less about if their union and union dues  New Jersey would have its power sooner

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Posted by on November 4, 2012 in politics


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