Benghazi ! One Wonders

26 Oct


Benghazi! One wonder if the lack of help sended to help if it was because this ambassador was openly gay? I know the government has said that it support the gay rights act but don’t you kind of wonder just a little. I mean come on e-mails send out hours before the attack and no one payed any mind to it or won’t admit to it. Don’t get me wrong I feel any human life is worth trying to save. I may not agree with Ambassador Chris Stevens lifestyle, but I would not wish the way he died on anyone.

The White House and State Deportment say they were not getting good intel but e-mails begging for help and no one coming to aid Ambassador Chris Stevens sound to me like they left him there to die! gay bashing anyone?

One More thing can anyone tell me why the send an openly gay man to a country that kills gays by stoning them to death whose idea was this anyway.

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Posted by on October 26, 2012 in politics


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