“I’ll never forgive anyone for being republican”

26 Aug

Actress Jean Smart “I’ll never forgive anyone for being republican!”Wow, my feeling are hurt! Now some of you might not know who Ms.Smart is nowadays she is mostly a bit-part actor in TV shows, but the only major TV show she was ever in was Designing Women a sitcom back in 1986.

Back to the “I’ll never forgive anyone for being republican! in her little rant Ms.Smart brings up Mr.Akins as an example of how Republican hate women! Let me stop right here this is a big smear on all republican men in general.No, I don’t support what Mr.Akins said about rape and I believe no man of either party would support it.As far as how each party treats women I’ll bring up an example that right at the DNC convention there will be no child care for them.Local chapters of the National Organization for Women say that this excludes mothers with young children.Maybe Ms.Smart should look into this and stop bashing Republicans about things she has no clue on.

One more thing you might want to consider getting a new agent If getting you a call into Current Radio is the best he/she can do! you are in a lot of troubles

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Posted by on August 26, 2012 in Hollywood and Politics


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