Crazy Uncle week

21 Aug

Last week must have been the national week-long crazy uncle week.We all have them the crazy family member no one wants to show up at the event, but they do anyway and in some fashion or another embarrass one or more members at the party.

Let’s start this out with the one I dislike the most and the one I think was more embarrassing than the other that right brings out V.P Joe Biden, his put you ” back in chains” comment to a largely black crowd is more them his usual gaffe that we blogger’s love to be writing about I know for a fact more than a few black people in attends were not happy about the comment and even more who saw it on the News . It was so bad uncle Joe was sent home for the weekend and I’m sure was told to keep his head down and his mouth shut and let this pass.

I will freely admit that this crazy uncle I am a big fan of I’m talking about Hank Williams Jr.I personally am not embarrassed by him at all or what he said “We’ve got a Muslim President who hates farming. hates the military.hates us and we hate him”.There or one or two things in there I believe to be true and I must not be the only one the crowd where is was playing cheered long and hard..But some on the Right found it to be an embarrassment.

Who in my humble is the worse crazy uncle? well you guessed it Uncle Joe Biden and it not because he’s a Democrat and it’s not that I think the man is dumb ( is not )It’s because the office he holds Mr.Biden is the second most powerful man in the world today! When Mr.Biden makes a gaffe it’s not only bad for him but for the whole US of A in the world’s eyes.When crazy Uncle Hank makes one the world just laughs it off and says those crazy rednecks what will they do or say next.

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Posted by on August 21, 2012 in Hollywood and Politics, politics


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