So Mitt is the one

31 May


So Mitt is the one! I know that  some conservatives may not like this! Some will say he bought the nomination. Others will say he’s not conservative enough! And still more will say Ron Paul will take the nomination at the convention.

The truth of the matter is this! Mitt Romney won the nomination he is the last man standing good bad or indifferent hard-core conservative are somewhere in the middle we need to be TOGETHER and back this candidate. I know some of you’re going to say there’s not much difference between Mr. Romney and Mr. Obama, but I don’t believe this myself.  I believe there is a world of difference between the two men. First and foremost Obama in my opinion got elected to be president for only one reason and that was to make history have our first black American president, I truly believe that this was one of the biggest mistakes we as Americans have made. Obama was and still is a union funky.

Mr. Romney, on the other hand, has been a businessman and professional all his adult life, he has saved more business and jobs that Obama has in the last three years.

A lot of people criticize Mr. Romney for being rich. I have a challenge for all you people that think this name one president starting with George Washington who has not been wealthy name one! the closest you will get to that would be president Andrew Jackson and he was not poor by the standards of his day so please not the crap off about Romney being rich.

If we don’t back off candidate what will we wind up with another four years of Obama in my humble opinion these United States of ours cannot handle that. So if you’re going to stay at home and not vote for Mr. Romney then you might as well go to the polls and vote for Obama because you’re going to get the same results.

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