John Edwards gets a mistrial

31 May


The jury has come out and announced that they have come to a verdict on charge number three, which is accepting political contributions over the federal limit, other than that the jury said they were hung on the other charges.the defense wanted to call this a mistrial, but The judge after deliberating for a bit has requested the jury to go back in and see if they can come to a verdict on the rest of the charges.
The prosecution, as well as the defense team and Mr. Edwards, are probably biting their collective nails wondering what the jury will do.
Well, it looks like that Mr. Edwards has scored a mistrial so far, but there is a great possibility that he will be retried on some of the charges.
I may not agree with how he was charged in the count against him but! I do believe that he is guilty of being a scumbag by having a mistress and the love child by her while his wife was dying of cancer.
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