Are you sure you hate the 1%?

14 May

I would like to ask Mr.Obama a question, are you sure you hate the 1%? or just certain ones.Mr.Obama, you seem to enjoy the Hollywood’s 1% going to a dinner George Clooney put on for you forty thousand a plate just to be in the same tent.Must be nice hella big night for the wife and I is a dinner at the Apple Peddler but anyway you know what reality would have impressed me, If you Mr.Obama defender of the downtrodden had taken the money of just two of those plates and gave it to a local Beverly Hills California Homeless Shelter .Just for your information you were within 30 miles of one. But no Mr.Obama you and Mr.Clooney were too busy shooting hoops the next day

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Posted by on May 14, 2012 in politics


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