11 Apr

brown bag

I was not going to write this post at first, but a post on BREITBART BIG GOVERNMENT



With in the black community there is a very strong and strange in my opinion form of racism and that is the lighter your skin and the straighter your hair is the better your treated and in most cases the more success you will have in the black community.


In the article the great white hope discusses Obama’s lack of diversity, in my personal opinion I believe that the reason you don’t see as many blacks in his Young campaign staffers is that they are not white enough most could not pass the brown bag test . Basically the brown bag test is this they hold up a brown paper bag next to your face if you are darker than the brown paper bag you fail that test, you may think I’m joking but I’m not if you look at Pres. Obama



and as more proof look who he chose to be head of the Justice Department


Atty. Gen. Holder

and one more example of why I believe this.


Rev. Wright

the good Rev. Wright which Pres. Obama went to his church for more than a decade.


Is this right no it’s not, I find it very unfair for anyone to be judged on the color of their skin I would’ve brought up many more examples of this in almost all industries as well as more in our own government, I just found it interesting that racism is rampant among the very people who seem to bring it up the I think that president Obama is or can be racists against his own people I think that it is quite possible.

I was not going…

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